Eight Things You Must Know About Travel

Eight Things You Must Know About Travel

However, if you don’t plan to engage in these kinds of activities, keep in mind that you may be paying for coverage in areas you don’t need with the Aviva Travel Lite Plan. However, aside from these common deductions, there are also many lesser-known deductions that can be claimed by travel and lifestyle bloggers, which is exactly what FlyFin did for Kelly.

Was shocked to learn about the number of deductions she could claim. As a self-employed individual, she has struggled with her taxes since the IRS doesn’t provide a clear set of instructions regarding applicable deductions. The IRS doesn’t provide an exhaustive list of all possibilities. It’s important to remember that whether you’re driving in the UK or abroad, there are a number of requirements that all drivers with holiday car insurance must follow. If you’re planning a retreat like we did, you’ll be keeping track of your spending anyway, so just notating each receipt with an employee’s name is an easy way to document who received what.

Since our employees work remotely all over the country, this year’s company retreat was held in Santa Rosa, Florida. Well-deserved (if I do say so myself) company retreat. Train companies say they are taking extra measures to ensure people can get where they need to be, such as running longer trains, cancelling non-safety-critical training to prioritise services, and providing better information about busy trains. They are expected to endorse a 30-day travel ban on people wanting to come to Europe for tourism or non-essential business.

According to the IRS: flights, hotels, taxis, and food are deductible business expenses as long as they’re for actual, legitimate business purposes. For food lovers, Palermo is your go-to. Food & Beverages: Usually, you can deduct up to 50% of the cost of a business meal. When traveling abroad, you’ll only have to spend about 25% of the time doing business – not the full 50%. The only condition is that the trip needs to be exactly this: a business trip for business purposes.

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