Get rid of Travelling Once and For All

Get rid of Travelling Once and For All

By adding the European FCDO Travel Advice Extension to your policy, your holiday plans to places like Spain or France don’t have to be put on hold. Am I covered for COVID-19 with the European FCDO Travel Advice Extension? With the extra European FCDO Travel Advice Extension, your policy can cover you for trips in Europe as well as Morocco, Turkey, Egypt and Tunisia. If you took out a policy with our European Travel Advice Extension add-on before 29 April 2021, you will still be covered up to your policy limits, just as long as your claim isn’t related to Covid when abroad, or any other reason that caused the FCDO to change their travel advice.

Take out a new policy with us and you’ll be covered if you fall ill with Covid when on holiday, just as long as you’ve had the recommended Covid vaccinations. If you do take a high-risk punt and book in the hope that Turkey will have been moved to amber by the time you leave, you should be thorough in your research when booking anything – and zoom in on the small print. If you are an existing customer, please take a look at your policy document for full details of cover.

Cover starts from as little as £5 per person but may vary depending on your policy needs. The level of Covid cover depends on when you took out a policy with us. It depends where you have traveled. Numbers are lower this year because of the pandemic and all staff travelling to the continent have had to isolate and undergo COVID-19 testing before departure.

Omicron has emerged as much of the northern hemisphere was already bracing for a new winter wave of the pandemic – leaving even nations with high vaccination rates struggling to contain rising infection numbers and prevent health services from being overwhelmed. Despite shouldering a lower case rate than the UK, Turkey has been stuck on the UK’s travel red list since early May, when it was marked as high risk thanks to growing infection rates and a lack of transparency over testing.

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